I do not pursue happiness because happiness is not a goal. I pursue a positive and healthy lifestyle and happiness is a byproduct of that lifestyle.


Hi, I'm Laura

I am a certified Integrative Health Practitioner and certified nutrition health coach specializing in sustainable nutrition and lifestyle plans as well as functional medicine protocols and lab testing to get to the root cause of health concerns.

I have had an interest in nutrition, health and overall wellness all my life, but I did not develop into a healthy, happy, active person without dedication, self-discovery, support and patience. In my teens I struggled with a eating disorder, so I understand how challenging it is to be comfortable in our own body. As a young adult I was a pack a day smoker, fueled by coffee and redbull and I struggled with hypothyroidism and other hormonal imbalances due to antibiotics and birth control wreaking havoc on my gut. 

My journey to health led me to the realization that our body is designed to feel good, NOT bad.

I have the healthy lifestyle I have because of perseverance, education, knowing that true wealth is health and inspiration from others. I know firsthand that the odds of success go up dramatically when you have a support system and a plan. Nothing brings me greater fulfillment than guiding someone to their health and fitness goals, because I understand the struggle it took to get to mine. No matter your story or history, you can overcome more than you realize, and, through nutrition and lifestyle, lead a happier, more energized and healthier life. 

I look forward to working with you.

Qualifications/Experience: Special Interests Include:

Integrative Health Practitioner Digestive and Gut Health
Level 1 Certified Bacterial Overgrowth/Candida

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Integrative Nutrition
School for Integrative Nutrition Stress Reduction

Plant-Based Nutrition Certified Blood Sugar regulation and hormone balance
T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Success Mindset
Chronic Illness



I was accepted into Remote Year in 2016. Remote year brings together a group of people who travel, live and work in different cities around the world for one year. Moving to a new country every month gave me the opportunity and challenge to stay nourished while on the road, which is not always easy. The nourished-travel blog developed during this time to share different cities with others and how to stay nourished in them.